Binding & Finishing

Even the best looking printed piece may require the right finishing touch in order to be complete. It's all in the detail. Details like die-cutting, embossing, foil stamping, folding, binding, and laminating.

Of course, collating, trimming, stapling, hole drilling, tabbing, shrink wrapping and coil binding may be required. But don't worry, you can rely on Target Printing & Copying.

Perhaps your brochure or report needs a little help, like Z folds, gate folds, - Target Printing & Copying offers a variety of folds that can create greater impact, enhance your message and "WOW" your customers with just the right level of pizzazz.

Need binding? Try comb-binding or professional-looking coil binding. Create a booklet, magazine or brochure with saddle stitching.

The options are as unlimited as your imagination, so share your vision with us and watch your dream become reality. With more than 25 years of experience to draw from, you can be sure Target Printing & Copying will recommend just the right finishing options to fit your budget.

Coil binding

A continuous, spring-shaped piece of plastic, this durable crush-resistant bind allows a bound book to lay flat ... even back on itself for easy reading.

Comb binding

Plastic Comb Binding is a perfect choice for companies or individuals interested in binding documents in a fast, efficient and inexpensive manner. An excellent option for reports, notebooks, surveys, sales presentations, cookbooks and calendars. Suitable for those interested in lie-flat binding. Your document will stay open, hands-free. Documents can easily be modified,pages added, or subtracted, saving you the time of creating an entire new book when changes occur.

Booklet making

Bound with staples along its folded edge, this finishing touch is used most commonly with newsletters, company bulletins and catalogs.